Training Overview

In a recent poll, dynamic public speaking was found to be the characteristic most closely associated with positions of power and leadership. Whether you are talking to one, person a thousand, or millions on television, your ability to be a compelling speaker is the most effective way to move your audience to action, whether that’s investing in your company, buying your product, or embracing your point of view.
To help you find and harness your speaking power, Ovation is proud to offer two unique workshops that give you plenty of opportunities to present, improve, and move you from having-to, to actually wanting-to take advantage of your public speaking opportunities.

Earprompter Training:
Giving your presentation without notes, memorizing, or wasting time using the “actor’s secret”.

Speaker Training:
Becoming a fearless public speaker.

“My head is still spinning with the empowerment that your public speaking course has given me.”

Angela Perkins

“Your hints and exercises have become invaluable, and actually make public speaking fun…go figure! The preparation you advised paid off…thanks so much for providing that polish which has made such a difference”

Cathryn Golden

“I was dreading public speaking, but your warm gracious style encouraged me. Thanks, again, for helping me overcome a life long fear”.

Robin Lehman


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