How it Works

Think of all the advantages: you can leave the lectern behind you, maintain eye contact, and fully connect with your audience. And preparation time is cut by almost 90%. No more sleepless nights, no more anxiety, no more fear! And nobody knows you’re using it.



You record your speech, exactly as you want it to sound, on our specially designed Recorder. When you’re ready to give your speech, start the recorder and your speech plays back through a tiny, Wireless Speaker in your ear.

You just repeat what you are hearing, staying one-to-two seconds behind the recording. Because you’re not afraid of forgetting the words, you can devote all of your energy to the delivery of your presentation, connecting and communicating with your audience like you never have before.


  • No Memorizing
  • No Notes
  • No Fear
  • Quick and Easy Revisions
  • Preparation Reduced by 90%


AS SEEN ON CH. 8 NEWS and the Business Journal

A Certified DVBE/SDVOSB Business



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