Who Uses It?

Anyone who entertains, presents information to, or leads groups of people can benefit from using the Earprompter, including:


Actors Architects Attorneys
Designers Docents Executives
Ministers Physicians Politicians
Professors Public Speakers Sales People
Teachers Trainers And more…



Now you can deliver your speeches—no matter who wrote them—perfectly, every time, without even glancing at your notes, and without memorizing a single word. You can leave the lectern for good…even walk into the audience and deliver your message face-to-face.




Why spend weeks agonizing and preparing for a speech? In less than one day, we’ll teach you how to deliver your presentation perfectly, without notes, without memorizing, and without fear! And how to rehearse in just hours, rather than weeks.


Executives and Trainers


Why memorize every line and rehearse endlessly? How many of us have time to do that today? Why take weeks to perfect a speech, when you can do it in hours without notes, and without memorizing a single word?


Presenters and Public Speakers


Why memorize ANYTHING…when you are preparing for:



Commercials Infomercials Theater
Corporate Films Conventions Game Shows
Magic Shows News Soaps
Episodics Feature Films Master of Ceremonies
Speeches Seminars Auditions


With the Ear prompter, you’ll deliver your material perfectly every time, with no fear or anxiety, and with 90% less preparation time. And we’ll teach you how in just one day!




Additional Earprompter benefits for Actors;


Saves producers about $500 a day on teleprompter rental and operator fees.

Eliminates “teleprompter glaze” and shifty eyes.

Allows presenters to move around freely without the distance constraints of teleprompter reading.

Reduces production time by 75% or more.

Enables quick and easy script changes.

Gives the presenter blocking directions.

Eliminates vision problems as an impediment to good performance.

Enables talent to perform the whole script, including voice over, on camera.

Clients love this because it provides a safety net during editing.

Relieves the client of lugging the teleprompter on location.

Reduces fear and nervousness . . . no more sleepless nights.

Has a remote pause button so the presenter can secretly stop the tape for dialogue work or questions from the audience.

Makes working with props easy, since the presenter can actually look at the prop without fear of “losing their place” on a teleprompter.
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