“I bought an Ear Prompter set from you last year and I must say that I love it. It is so wonderful not having to learn difficult texts anymore. And the customers are so impressed that I know my texts perfectly right from the start.”

– Birgit Fehst
Company Spokeswoman
Berlin, Germany


“The new recorder is S0 AWESOME! The speed wheel feature is out of this world. The director I worked with on the last ten episodes of my show had no idea how I was learning the huge scripts we’ve been doing…you really made me look good! Your expert instruction and unbeatable equipment are a fantastic combination. Thanks for always being there!”

– Dan Sachoff,
Los Angeles, CA


“As a CEO, I recommend Brian’s class to senior executives, CEO’s and people who are speaking to clients, employees, shareholders, or the public at large. This is the best training I’ve ever had, and it only took a day.”

– Richard Earnest, Mayor

Del Mar, CA



“With this system, I don’t have to worry about getting myself into a legal situation because I was inaccurate or missed an important point. My information comes out exactly the way I want it to.”

– David Wright, Spokesman
Los Angeles, CA


“The first time someone comes up to you after you’ve given a speech or presentation, and says ‘How did you do that?’ you’ll understand the value of this seminar.”

– Tess Ferguson, Film Producer

London, England


“I’ve been using my earprompter to give speeches, and I love it…no need to use notes or memorize! I’ve given 40-minute speeches to audiences of hundreds with complete ease and confidence. I can be my natural self, and even ad-lib whenever I want to.”

– Carolyn Corser age 71, Comedienne

Bakersfield, CA


“The Ear Prompter training I received from Brian Collins when I purchased my unit literally changed my life and the lives of my audience…The most wonderful part of all – I don’t have to rewrite the speech. It’s all on tape and I’m ready.”

– Ramona Field
Feng Shui Practitioner
Oceanside, CA



“A thousand thank-you’s for sharing your skillful knowledge of presentation, your generous time and spirit. Your training gave me the confidence to present the information that I so much want to share.”

– L. Bosselman,
Scottsdale, AZ



“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I honestly cannot thank you enough for the remote pause button. I just completed a three-day, highly technical show in San Francisco using this device and have one comment… How did I ever live without it?”

– Barb Ulin,
Poway, CA



“Your presentation and gestures while using the Earprompter sells the message like it’s coming from the heart of the corporation. It’s this delivery that makes my clients happy and sells their product.”

– Vern Van Winkle, Film Producer
Orange, CA



“Thank you so much for a terrific class in Earprompter. You are a wonderful teacher, very organized and quite an inspiration.  I gained so much from you class. And the bonus is that, as a novice entering this field, it has truly helped me to focus on my career direction.”

– V. Wright

La Mesa, CA



“Recently, a friend recommend me for a company’s in-house new employee orientation video, and I had the opportunity to use the Earprompter. I pulled out my notes, and followed your instruction for setting up the script and recording. On the day of the performance, it worked PERFECTLY! So many of the tricks that you offered were needed for this job, and they all helped to make the day run, oh, so smoothly. I was proud of myself”

– Jane Cameron,

Company Spokesman
Aliso Viejo, CA



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