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The “art of public speaking” is a nicely turned phrase, and it happens to be true. But unlike most art, it may not take you a lifetime of dedication to do it well. Of course, if you want to overcome the fear of giving speeches and develop great presentation skills, it will take more than just a couple of tips or teleprompter software (in case you’re an actor) to get the job done.


Fortunately for you, especially if you fear public speaking or have some anxiety about speaking in public, there’s another way to go, a new kind of training that you can master quickly.Cropped WIB BrianCollins223


Although great speaking skills used to take years to master (and years of paying a presentation coach), with the Earprompter, you can deliver polished presentations in less than two days! Overcoming that fear is finally within everybody’s reach, and fearless public speaking will quickly become easy public speaking.


Now in its 28th year, Ovation is the longest running Earprompter, or “Ear” Seminar anywhere. Our approach is designed for quick, expert use of the Ear, reducing your learning curve and saving you time. In our complete two-day seminar, you will learn all the tricks of the trade, and develop the skills and confidence you need to use the Ear immediately.
Brian Collins, the founder of Ovation , and his experienced staff, are the acknowledged leaders in this field…the pros that the professional speakers and presenters go to.


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Complete Mastery of the Earprompter.


Our conference room in San Diego or at your company.


Gold Package
($2197), you receive two full Earprompter kits, our award-winning Interactive DVD Earprompter Training, and one hour of Skype Training with Brian Collins.

Platinum Package
($3997), you receive two full Earprompter kits and the two-day Essential Earprompter Training with Brian Collins, professional actor, speaker, and Earprompter trainer for over 25 years, or 12 hours of Skype training.

Day One (Live or Skype) of the Essential Earprompter Training:
Become masterful in using the Earprompter in any situation, including;

– Understanding the recorder and its settings
– Learning the three “R”s of Earprompting
– Dressing with your Earprompter equipment
– Revising and marking your presentation
– Pronouncing tongue-twisters and removing alliteration
– Recording using proper techniques
– Using pauses effectively
– Practicing even without your Earprompter equipment
– Correcting your recording errors
– Setting volume and speed properly
– Repeating what you’re hearing
– Changing your delivery speed while you’re presenting
– Setting an energy envelope for your presentation
– Making it real
– Connecting with your audience while using the Earprompter
– Pausing the recording to answer questions, hands free
– Carrying and using your backup equipment
– Cleaning and caring for your equipment
– Recovering from mistakes
– Eating properly before a presentation


Day Two(Live or Skype) of the Essential Earprompter Training:
Learn all the advanced earprompter tricks of the trade, including;
– Giving presentations in languages you don’t know
– Making a dub of your original recording for use as a backup
– Rehearsing without setting aside any time for rehearsal
– Using other peoples’ recordings
– Using the Earprompter outside of your business
– Giving yourself verbal movement cues while recording
– Giving power point presentations with the earprompter
– Videoing and critiquing your rehearsals
– Using the earprompter for dialogue
– Using the earprompter in videos, theatre, and storytelling
– Presenting a 5 minute speech using the earprompter
Brian Collins guarantees you will become masterful in using the earprompter. He will not allow you to fail! He works with you until he is satisfied that you are a fully qualified earprompter user, and he also provides Skype/phone training, should you need it.
Two days

The ability to give a presentation word-for-word, anyplace, any time, in multiple languages, without notes, memorizing, or wasting time.

Phone/Skype consultation ($250/hour). Recording/editing your material ($40/finished minute).

Call us at 1-619-405-4000 for our Essential Earprompter Training schedule, or to set up a training for your company.


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